Fight to stay alive!

The world of Tanu is full of darkness and chaos, do you have what it takes to survive?
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 General Rules

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PostSubject: General Rules   Tue May 19, 2015 8:54 am

Hey there, and welcome to Tanu! If you're new to the forum, forums in general, or an older member looking for a brush up, this is a great place to look. Here you'll find good rules for conducting yourself about the forum - if you're looking for rules of a different type, such as guidelines for character creation or general RPing rules and info, check out the appropriate topics as necessary.

- Always make the attempt to be polite, whether to new members or to long time veterans.

- In the forum itself, always try to be careful about using your best spelling and punctuation - even in general topics that are not RP related. Because forum interaction is usually via paragraphs and over time, it's important to try and avoid miscommunication early. In the Cbox, this rule is much more lax, but at least try to make yourself understandable.

- Avoid bringing personal or private arguments to the public forum. If you must discuss something of that nature, remember that the forum has a capable PM system.

- Both pornography and images containing extreme gore are expressly disallowed from the main forum and the Cbox. Images that are clearly just meant to shock and disgust others are also against the rules. (Being excessively insulting or using inappropriate or unacceptable racial slurs directed towards another member is also expressly disallowed.)

- Excessive arguments in the Cbox or the forum that dominate conversation and are little other then trading personal attacks (AKA 'flaming') are not allowed. Purposefully trying to bait other members to the point of anger (AKA 'trolling') is also, obviously, not allowed.

- Although less moderated then the forum, PMs are also not a place to harass other members, and activities like sending members purposefully shocking images is equally against the basic rules of the forum and common courtesy.

- Don't argue with administrators/moderators over an issue if they say they are done discussing it. If you think you have been violated in some way, then seek out another moderator/administrator and tell them of the situation.

- Personal information is private on a public forum. Most people come here for a little escapism - and it is a big violation of their privacy to try and look into anyone's private real-life information. So just don't do it. Don't snoop, and for goodness sakes don't share information about anyone but yourself in the forum or cbox.

Although simple and quite straightforward, it's always handy to familiarize yourself with basic rules like this. If you're thinking about something having to do with basic interaction and it's not covered here - feel free to ask and use your best judgment if nothing else. A friendly, polite, and helpful forum environment is the best forum environment!
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General Rules
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