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 Trouble creating a character?

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PostSubject: Trouble creating a character?   Tue May 19, 2015 9:13 am

Character creation, from scratch, can be a very difficult thing to do if you don't know where to start. Trust me, I know. We've all been there at one time or another. This is a simple guide designed to help an unsure user with the creation of their very own character, regardless of skill.

The first thing most users try to come up with is a name. While making a unique name for your character is fun, it can be deceivingly difficult. If you can, come up with a couple of names you like and remember them. I would recommend going through the rest of your character registration, and then from there deciding what character name better fits who you've created. If that fails, try looking up a random name generator.

The race of your character is an extremely important, although simple, part of character registration. While elves have some advantages over humans, and the same can be said for the opposite, this is one of those times where you have to choose aesthetic over function. Lining up for later benefits or specializations may be important, but it isn't nearly as important as having a character you enjoy. If you really like the idea of a Elven character, make one, regardless of the downsides of being a Elf may be, embrace their uniqueness and roll with the diversity that will bring. Another portion of race you may add is his actual race and ethnicity, although this is more for that added flair then anything else.

Age is another important piece of your character, although another easily chosen one. But, just like you would with race, think it over with clarity. Sure, a 20-year old would be a good adventurer, but how interesting would it be to play a character past their prime, but just by a little? Remember. The seasoned 50-year old and fresh 17 year old are more then just sidekicks. They are great fun to play as characters, and people will appreciate the uniqueness of these types of characters, and often the road less traveled comes stocked with it's own special rewards. Play the age you're character 'feels' like to you, from nine to ninety and beyond.

Special is such an important part of your character it requires it's own section to explain in depth. Look up the topic labeled "The basics of special" for a detailed breakdown. But, as with the other sections, I'll provide a little help with this section as well. My biggest tip is to make sure your character's special matches up with how you want him to act, and what options you want him to have in combat and in day-to-day life. Also note, it is important to remember. To have high SPECIAL stats in some categories, your going to have to sacrifice other ones. SPECIAL is designed this way on purpose. To get that high charisma, you may have to knock a few off of luck. Play the pros and cons with every conversion like this you make. Sure, with higher CHA you'll get better deals at shops, but a lower luck means you'll likely be slipping up at the most critical parts of missions, and putting your source of income, and your life, at risk. No one SPECIAL stat is better then any other. People may laugh at your primarily LUCK based character, until you luckily slip and drop that rock out of the window, and onto their head. Make sure to look over your special at the end and think about what your character will excel and fail in. Remember that while a baseline average character (Mainly 5 stats) will be overpowered by high strength characters, outlasted by high endurance characters, and out talked by high charisma characters, but will probably be able to out talk that high strength, outsmart that high-endurance, and overpower the high charisma. But that's only if they get the chance.

Once you've considered age, race, SPECIAL, and name carefully, it is time to over into the more detailed sections of character creation.

Personality is likely THE MOST IMPORTANT part of your character. Period. Simply put, personality is the details and explanation of who your character is. Think of his or her origins, and think of what you would like him or her to act like. Do you want to have a gruff, straight-talking mercenary? A playful, attractive seductress? Maybe even a character pushed to insanity, or of extremely low intelligence? It's all up to you, and it's what's really going to give your character "punch". Try to make a character you're proud of, and one that is unique and interesting. He doesn't have to be a grand wizard in chess or anything, but you want him to be his own person, rather then just another face in a see of generic ones. Think long and hard about your characters personality, because you'll likely be asking yourself "What would (Character name) do in this situation?" many times in the future.

Appearance is nearly as important as personality, but it will mainly help you, and others, identify your unique character with ease. Like all the other sections, remember, it's much better to go with an aesthetic that you enjoy rather then what might be better off realistically. And have fun making your character unique! I've seen more then enough six-foot, muscular, tan, fit characters with brown hair and so-called "average looks". Remember. Nobody has average looks, and nobody ever will. Everyone is very unique, and as such, you should enjoy making a unique character. Is he a short but fit looking rogue with green eyes, freckled skin, and messy red hair? Is she a tall, almost boyish adventurer, with a lopsided smile and short hair? It's all up to you! Just make sure to make it detailed. Imagine your trying to help someone identify your character out of a very large crowd. Details are important!

Character story is where people really get a feel for your character, and it's where you'll likely explain the sum of your character's exploits. Because different people have varied and different writing styles, the way you choose to go about this section is very open. You may explain your character's story from birth if you want to, or you can just jump in your character's shoes and play him through the events leading up to his joining of the events of the forum overall. Take your time, and don't force it! If you really can't get a feel for your character in this section, it may be best to go back and start all over again, from scratch. When coming up with a back story, it is important to think of some key points about your character. What was his/her upbringing like? Turbulent, and full of turmoil, or relatively secure and peaceful? What is his/her skill set, and how did your character use that to make a living? Was your character a tribal, specializing in improvised weaponry, or was your character brought up in the relative safety of a large settlement, having skill with speech and filling the loose occupation of lawyer? The possibilities are literally endless, and you can mold and shape your character however you choose in their story. Just remember to include enough detail to adequately tell his/her story. If you don't want to delve into the past, just chronicling your characters immediate events can suffice, if you make it a suitable length.

Character strengths and weakness is one of the key parts of your creation, and if you don't get it right, I can guarantee you you won't get a pass. Think about the character you have created. Look at his special, his personality, and his story. Where do his skills lie? Is he a well versed medic or doctor, with skills in human anatomy and the usage of potions? Is she a skilled scout, quiet and agile, with her strengths being stealth and melee weaponry? It's really all up to you, but be sure to consider the importance of this section. These are what your character is good at, so choose them wisely.

Weaknesses are even more important then strengths, and you will have to give your character actual weaknesses to pass. Of all the sections, this is the one I see by far, the most problems with. Being a caring or rude person isn't a weakness, and neither is his mysterious past. NO CHARACTER IS GOOD AT EVERYTHING. Weaknesses are as real and tangible as strengths, and they define your character far more then strengths ever will. Look at all the previous sections and ask yourself again. What is my character BAD at? Is he completely lacking social skills? Is she totally unable to work any type of machine, and to go further, terrified of robots? Make sure your weaknesses actually effect your character, and be sure to include as many as you have in your strengths section.
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Trouble creating a character?
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